I've been developing ever since I was a kid, about 10 years old.
Way back in the day, I had my introduction into the world of computers with an Apple][+ computer.
If any of you are from that age, the world was a very different place back then.
As time went on, I elevated my skills, went from good old basic programs to things like Turbo Pascal, and eventually Visual Basic and Delphi.
Sales and the desire for quick cash moved me away from programming, and I've worked with pretty much anything you can come up with. Cooking, parking cars, waitor, gas station atendant, fashion model, industrial equipment sales man, english teacher, and the list goes on and on and on.
Midway through the 90's - about 95/96 - the internet was finally getting some traction here in Brazil. Working as a digital photo retoucher at the time, I was introduced to a company that did CDRom development and dabbled on the idea of doing sites.
Needless to say, I dove right in. I knew nothing about HTML, Javascript, Lingo (Our CDRom authoring language) or any tecnology that they were using, but I did have a solid knowledge of development.
From there on, I dove deeper into programming, learning ASP, COM+, Flash, and eventually PHP which became my language of choice for many years.
I've been working in the publicity industry ever since 1997. From assistant developer to COO I've also done it all, and eventually became fed-up.

The company I worked for gave me little wiggle room to learn new languages, new technologies, or to live my life(for that matter).
I was stuck in the loop so many of us know, development cycles and product lifetime are pathetically short, I could not impose any of the best practices I wanted to.
I quit my development job early 2017. Gave up the world of computers and focused on a new passion. Baking.
As the pains, of years of traumatic and stressful web-development, slowly faded away in the chaos of cake baking and decorating, I found myself eager to get back on the computer to develop long standing projetcs. This time, on my schedule.
I have slowly regained the joy of programming, and NodeJS is greatly responsible for this.