Ghost & Docker

A quick guide on how to run a local install Ghost on your computer over docker.

Docker is a great way of running your various apps. I for example, like to have my node installation on my local machine as updated as possible, this way I can test out new features and play with new toys(yay). That does not always turn out for the best. Ghost for example, is not compatible with node versions greater than 8.9. So, I use docker to run my local installation of Ghost, so that I can develop my themes.

Firstly, install docker - there are plenty of tutorials all over the internet that teach you how to.

Now, you need to either build your own, or (the easier way) get the container for Ghost.
Here is the official docker-image:
Here is the official page:

To keep things simple, after you have installed docker on your computer, follow these steps and you should have an esay way to run a local ghost blog on your machine.

1 - Create a new directory and cd into it

mkdir my-blog
cd my-blog

2 - save this little nifty shell script in the folder.

3 - change the scripts permission so you can run it:

chmod +x

4 - run the script and you should be home free with a ghost installation running on http://localhost:8080

If you are not happy with running on port 8080 or you need to change it for any reason, just use

./ 1234

where 1234 is the port number you want.

(featured image taken from which is another good tutorial on how to do the same thing running docker-compose

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