I've split my time between running a Specialty Cake Shop and developping.
If you want to have a look at our baking work, head on over to instagram.com/cakestudiobr, below are some of the latest jobs I've been involved in.

EisenBahn Late 2018 Site


SAP Chatbot for Facebook

During 11 and 12 of September, 2018, SAP held a conference in S√£o Paulo with over 300 hundred talks and several tracks. In order to help users find their most interesting talks, find out information about food, hotels, transport, parking and so forth, we developed a FaceBook Chat Bot that served as an information booth.

The bot was a simple interactive bot, not using Natural Language Processing or anything like that, but it helped users narrow down their search for  information.

The bot was developed using PHP and Laravel and counted on a Voyager Backend to keep track of visitors, edit and update informations on talks, send messages and track statistics.