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VueJS for a better web development experience

I have been programming for quite some time already. I've had the chance to use all sorts of languages and frameworks. Just to keep this web-oriented, I've gone from the good old Perl, all the way to Node (that includes, ASP, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, and I am pretty sure I am forgetting a couple more).
I have over the past couple of years dabbled over things like Angular, Backbone, Ember, React and now, VueJS.
I initially stumbled on to Vue when I was working on a Laravel project for a client. I had planned on using a simple Angular application that would render a couple of widgets based on some data. I had cleared all the backend stuff by creating my API endpoints.
Looking at how I was going to implement the app with minimum alteration to code that was live was my main concern at the time, and having limited access to the server, not being able to run NPM on the server made me kind of anxious and that was when I started reading about Vue in the Laravel Docs.
Vue seemed simple enough, in a couple of hours fooling around and having had a good score of hours working with AngularJS (1) and Angular (the new one), I was quite comfortable with the way it worked.
Vue, by itself, is already quite powerful and amazingly simple to work with. The docs are incredible and very detailed, yet, there are a couple of tricks I've picked up that make the Vue experience an absolute delight.


Vuex is, to quote;

a state management pattern + library for Vue.js applications

Imagine it as a sort of "Global object structure" that allows you to easily read from and write to. No more pushing props up and down.
Link: https://vuex.vuejs.org/


Element is a UI framework for Vue. I found it to be very easy to use and quite powerful in terms of possible components that you have. It is a great building block for quickly churning out pages and views.

Link: http://element.eleme.io

I know Vue is a relatively new kid on the block, but it is growing very quickly in popularity. It is not suited for every single project you might have on your road ahead, but it is a great "low barrier" framework for most of them.

Over the next few articles, I plan on showing a bit of Vue, Vuex and Element in action. Hopefully, you might enjoy it as much as I do.

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Gregory Brown

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